Cornwall Spaceport will Host the Virgin Orbit Launch of Kernow Sat 1

27th Jun 2021
Cornwall Spaceport will Host the Virgin Orbit Launch of Kernow Sat 1

Spaceport Cornwall is getting ready for a Virgin Orbit launch. The company plans to deliver the Kernow Sat 1 to orbit. The satellite is on an ocean measuring mission for earth science.

Once in orbit, the satellite will take stock of the level of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. Additionally, it will gauge the level of erosion at the coast and deforestation in different places.

William Pomerantz, Virgin Orbit’s Vice President of Special Projects, spoke on the upcoming mission at the NMMC (National Maritime Museum Cornwall), which was hosting the G7 3-day summit.

William stated that Virgin Orbit plans to make satellite launching capabilities in new areas.

The Cornwall Spaceport is Ideal for Virgin Orbit

Virgin Orbit will launch from the Cornwall Spaceport. It’s the perfect place to launch eco-missions as Cornish people are well aware of the problem and very serious about it. The location gives the company a chance to bring more resources to the local businesses and communities.

The launch will impact the local community and motivate kids to make a career in space exploring area. Children may focus on subjects that might lead to progress in space, science, and tech industries.

The process of designing the Kernow Sat 1 will take place in the Duchy. Researchers and scientists in a local university will also involve students and school children from the region near the Cornwall Spaceport.

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