The UK Military will Use the RAF Space Force to Defend the Country from Space

24th Jun 2021

The UK is working hard to have rocket launching sites that will play a key role in future conflicts. It’s time for the country to have the capacity to launch from home rather than rely on launching sites across the world.

So far, Cornwall Spaceport is set to host the UK’s first home-based launch in 2022. However, this depends on government funding in support of the mission. The UK Space Agency agrees the country needs to move fast to get ahead of others in the space race.

Former Virgin Galactic President Expressed the Need for an RAF Space Force a While Back

Will Whitehorn vocalised the need for the UK to be ready for satellite and rocket launches. He was among the first people to speak about the necessity to form the RAF Space Force. Once in place, the RAF Space Force will represent the three arms of the UK military.

Currently, a lot of work is happening at High Wycombe, which this unit will call home. Focus on space is growing in the UK, with the government playing a pivotal role. The Spaceport Cornwall launch will be a turning point for the industry.

Now space is seen as a place for strategic defence positioning. It’s no longer an area to only collect information and data for future use. The RAF Space Force has changed the whole concept of space exploration.

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