Cornwall Spaceport Will Support Truro Space Training Centre Development

21st Jun 2021
Cornwall Spaceport Will Support Truro Space Training Centre Development

Cornwall Spaceport will support Truro space training centre development. The centre, with an approximately £7 million budget, will become the technical hub for future space experts. The building is equipped with all the necessary tools to train students on different technical aspects.

Once it is launched, it will be a great place for the Cornwall Spaceport and Aerospace Technology Training (CSATT) team to interact with the local students, and encourage them to pursue careers in space exploration and space technology.

Truro Space Training Centre

The Truro Space Training Centre project is led by Heidi Thiemann, who previously worked in the space sector for five years. She has also worked as part of the Space Skills Alliance. She was responsible for analysing the different skill demands and running the UK’s first-ever national census on the country’s space sector.

Economists are expecting that Truro Space Training Centre will add over £1 billion to the Cornish economy. CSATT aims to develop practical training courses to help businesses and individuals contribute to the nation’s space industry in the coming decades.

Contribution from the Cornwall Spaceport

The people behind the Cornwall spaceport are also going to contribute to the training programs. The training programs will be a collaborative effort between the Spaceport Cornwall and Aerospace Cornwall, Goonhilly Earth Station, University of Leicester, University of Exeter, and the Open University.

The training program offered by the Truro Space Training Centre is expected to last for many years and actively contribute to the research and development of Artificial Intelligence, Precision Manufacturing, Satellite Communication, and Earth Observation.

The UK has already shared its plans regarding developing the nation as a powerhouse of space technology in the region, and the Cornwall Spaceport project is going to help in just that.

Kathie Bowden, Lead of Space Skills and Career in the UK Space Agency, has shared how the new training centre could create thousands of jobs in the Cornwall spaceport area in the coming years.

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