The Scottish Space Industry is leading the Climate Change Fight

20th Jun 2021
The Scottish Space Industry is leading the Climate Change Fight

The climate change fight is at the forefront of an upcoming environment conference. The two-day event will bring more insight into how satellite technology can help avert the matter. Dubbed the ‘Engineering Climate Conference,’ it’s the brainchild of IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) and ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) from Scotland.

Part of the panel is speakers from the Scottish space industry, including the Shetland Space Centre Director, Scott Hammond. He emphasised the importance of satellites, as they are versatile instruments that have multiple applications that benefit the environment.

For instance, he noted the commitment of the sector in using eco-friendly launch propellants. Plus, the industry is working on carbon emission reduction measures by implementing various oxidisers. That way, there’d be a decrease in harmful gases released into the atmosphere.

Another example is the re-use of rockets. The industry had performed several recovery missions that will see parts of rockets re-used in other flights.

More about the Climate Change Fight by Scottish Space Industry

Ellen Halkon, ICE chair in Edinburgh, revealed more about the conference. She emphasised its importance since it was a chance for the Scottish space industry to display its participation in reducing carbon emissions.

Her hope is for the conference to bring more ideas into the open. All these will lead to further reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. That way, the engineering sector can play a bigger role in the climate change fight.

An IET council member, Dr Carol Marsh OBE, pointed out the timely event’s nature. It aligns with the COP26, and she hopes it can take place each year.

Each industry needs to do its part to protect the Earth and find eco-friendly ways moving forward. Engineers can lead the climate change fight, especially those working in the Scottish space industry.

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