Will Cornwall Spaceport receive £150k for Kernosat?

15th Jun 2021
Will Cornwall Spaceport receive £150k for Kernosat?

The G7 Summit took place between 11th-13th June 2021 at Carbis Bay Hotel, near Spaceport Cornwall. Since the pandemic hit last year, the 47th G7 Summit was the first intercontinental political gathering.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi, US President Joe Biden, Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are going to attend the Summit.

Legacy of the G7 and 2021 Investment in UK’s Towns

Cornwall Spaceport was selected as the location for the Summit. But why? The primary reason is, this area is known for its green innovations and technology. Also, Cornwall has its own unique cultural identity, values, and traditions.

To leave a legacy, the UK Prime Minister has recently announced projects worth over £65 Million for three towns in the area – St Ives, Penzance, and Camborne.

St. Ives alone will be receiving a £20m investment. The money will be used to develop a trail stretching from St Ives to St Erth, kick start a low carbon transport system, and renovate some old buildings.

Cornwall Spaceport Receives Funding for Kernosat Development

As part of the Prime Minister’s plans, Cornwall Spaceport will also receive £150k for the development of a “Kernosat.” Kernosat is a SmallSat that will help monitor and keep track of the local environment.

Cornwall Spaceport is dubbed as the hub for the UK’s space exploration. Cornwall was the city from where the first-ever trans-Atlantic TV Transmission was established. Cornwall Spaceport is often referred to as the best launch location for horizontal flights.

The Prime Minister has been enthusiastic about the G7 Summit. According to his press release, he expects the world to be mesmerised by the beauty of Cornwall. He also used the opportunity to highlight the innovative drive of the people living in this small area around Spaceport Cornwall.

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