Virgin Galactic Carries Out a Successful Rocket Launch on 22nd May

31st May 2021
Virgin Galactic Carries Out a Successful Rocket Launch on 22nd May

On 22nd May 2021, Virgin Galactic carried out a rocket launch that became a significant milestone in the company’s ambitious plan of sending tourists to space. For the first time in three years, Virgin completed a successful space flight.

Virgin Galactic Latest Rocket Launch Details

The latest rocket launch from Virgin Galactic took place at a New Mexico facility. The company founder Richard Branson was personally present and oversaw the flight, which was 100% successful. Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson kept Branson company during the event. Richardson’s interest in Virgin Galactic rocket launch is perfectly justified as he took an active part in the launch facility construction that took $218.5 million to build.

Virgin uses air-launch technology when the spacecraft is released from the plane’s wing after the plane reaches the necessary altitude. During the latest rocket launch, VMS Eve carrier aircraft reached 13,5000 metre altitude before releasing the VSS Unity spacecraft. When the rocket engine fired, it acquired a speed three times faster than that of light.

The spacecraft then reached the limit of space, where it performed a flip in microgravity before returning to the earth’s atmosphere in hover mode.

Virgin’s Space Ticket Bookings So Far

Even though the exact date for the first Virgin Galactic space tourist flight has not been confirmed yet, the company already booked 600+ tickets for future flights. The booking began in February 2019, and tickets are sold at $200,000-$250,000. Given the latest successful launch from Virgin Galactic, the company will probably sell more tickets in the next few months.

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