Virgin Orbit Introduces AAPI Heritage Month to Compliment its Diverse Team

30th May 2021
Virgin Orbit Introduces AAPI Heritage Month to Compliment its Diverse Team

Virgin Orbit is celebrating its Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) staff by introducing AAPI heritage month. According to the company’s official website, its AAPI teammates contribute a lot to the company’s success. Starting 20th May, Virgin will feature its AAPI teammates’ stories and messages on the official website.

Virgin’s Emphasis on All-Inclusiveness

Virgin Orbit believes that the success of any team rests on the people behind it. The company is determined to create an all-inclusive working environment for everyone. Besides, it focuses not only on professional expertise but also on its team members’ personalities. That is what Virgin’s AAPI heritage month is truly about – praising its talented and diverse team for their contribution to Virgin’s success.

AAPI Heritage Team at Virgin Orbit

Virgin Orbit’s statements on all-inclusiveness are not just words, as its team includes plenty of AAPI heritage experts. Rajvir Riar is a propulsion manufacturing engineer responsible for LauncherOne components. Rajvir is an Indian-American whose primary message this month is that of cultural humility.

Patricia Yancey is an accounts payable supervisor, who’s parents are from the Philippines but was raised in Canada and the US. She strongly believes AAPI people should have the same professional opportunities as the rest of the company.

Jonathan Lo, who is originally from China but raised in Japan, is a creative director at Virgin Orbit. Jonathan strongly believes that only people who have the courage to accept their identity can hope to become successful.

Ashley Chang, of Taiwanese descent, is a learning & development manager who believes that people should listen to AAPI stories because they are so different from the average American’s experience.

And David Yamagata, responsible for launch software and control systems, is confident that family is this life’s greatest treasure.

Given the company’s appreciation of its culturally diverse staff, we can only wish Virgin Orbit and its AAPI heritage team success in all of their personal and professional endeavors.

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