UK-Australian Space Bridge Industry Partnership for Small Satellites Launch

27th May 2021
UK-Australian Space Bridge Industry Partnership for Small Satellites Launch

UK-based Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL) and Australian small satellites provider LatConnect 60 form a Space Bridge Industry Partnership. This joint initiative by the UKSA and the Australian Space Agency aims to boost both countries’ expertise and knowledge in the space industry.

Space Bridge Industry Partnership for Small Satellites Launch

Under the Space Bridge Industry Partnership, LatConnect 60 should create a high-resolution optical satellite for Earth Observation. The tech should boost Australia’s data analytics capabilities. Eventually, LatConnect plans to deploy an entire small satellite constellation by 2022.

LatConnect’s small satellites will provide HR panchromatic and multispectral optical images. Further on, the company’s team in Western Australia will analyse this data to provide insight and actionable solutions for different local industries, including government, mining, and agriculture.

SSTL, an Airbus subsidiary, has three decades of proven experience in launching small satellites. So far, it has deployed 70 spacecraft for 22 different countries. The latest Space Bridge Industry Partnership, launched in February 2021, shows that Australia and its aerospace companies are ready to enter the international launch market.

SSTL and LatConnect 60 on Collaboration Opportunity

LatConnect 60 CEO, Venkat Pillay, believes that the latest partnership will strengthen Australia’s space potential. He adds that the entire LatConnect team is excited about signing this agreement and is happy to work at the forefront of innovation.

Pillay adds that their satellite data will fill in important gaps for their main customers, while also creating new job opportunities in the space sector. Launching the optical satellite will boost the country’s strategic observation capabilities.

In his turn, SSTL Managing Director Phil Brownnett is very optimistic about strengthening collaboration opportunities between the UK and Australia.

Karl Rodrigues, General Manager of the Australian Space Agency, also highlights the importance of the Space Bridge Industry Partnership between the UK and Australia, hoping that this collaboration will give a boost to the Australian small satellites launch market.

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