Spacex Rocket Launch Successfully Deploys Starlink & Rideshare Satellites

26th May 2021

The latest SpaceX rocket launch of Falcon9 deployed a fleet of 52 Starlink Internet constellation satellites and two rideshare payloads for different clients. The rocket launch took place on 15th May and became the 15th successful SpaceX launch this year.

Latest SpaceX Rocket Launch Details

The latest SpaceX launch took place from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. For SpaceX, this was their 15th successful launch in a row, but for this particular rocket – the eighth.

Despite windy weather, this rocket launch was a total success. Falcon9, SpaceX’s most flown 70-metre rocket, took off without any anomalies and nine minutes later, the rocket’s first stage touched down on SpaceX’s drone ship, nicknamed ‘Of Course I Still Love You.’

Currently, SpaceX is one of the unrivalled launch leaders, with its fleet of proven spacecraft. All of the 2021 missions involved reusable rocket stages, and 12 out of total 15 missions carried Starlink satellites. It is clear that right now, SpaceX is seriously invested in deploying its satellite constellation for broadband Internet and has few competitors in this area.

Rideshare Payloads Onboard

However, despite SpaceX’s involvement in deploying its satellite constellation, the aerospace giant found two extra spots on board Falcon9. Even though the flight was named Starlink 27, Falcon9 carried two more satellites onboard: Capella Space’s radar satellite and Tyvak’s nanosatellite. Firstly, SpaceX plans to deploy its rideshare payload, and then a new batch of 52 Starlink satellites will follow.

Given the latest SpaceX rocket launch success and its impressive Falcon9 launch frequency, we should soon enjoy fast, reliable Internet even in the most remote areas.

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