DEIMOS supports maritime security operations of the Spanish Search and Rescue Agency

23rd May 2021
DEIMOS supports maritime security operations of the Spanish Search and Rescue Agency

Spanish technology company, Elecnor Deimos, uses its developments to ensure safety at sea and help people in extreme situations.

Technological Giant You May Trust

Elecnor Deimos the technical subsidiary of the Elecnor Group, has been designing various systems for the aerospace, civil and defence industries for many years. The company successfully implements aviation, transport, satellite operating systems and provides ready-made solutions for optimising production processes.

Deimos offers the following to civil and military maritime companies:

  • Tactical communication
  • Satellite imagery
  • Command and control systems
  • Ship tracking systems
  • Navigation charts service
  • Recording and playback systems
  • Geographic scaling
  • Control of radars and detectors

This range of services makes Elecnor Deimos an obvious choice for solving commercial, social, and defence issues on a national scale.

Successful Cooperation Between Elecnor Deimos and Sasemar – Spanish Search and Rescue Agency

Elecnor Deimos collaboration with the Spanish rescue and safety agency SASEMAR proves Elecnor’s success. The agency monitors over 127 million km of marine areas, maintains clean water, and helps over 3,000 ships and 15,000 people annually. Therefore, the company needs innovative solutions to manage sea traffic and optimise rescue operations.

Deimos has developed new control systems for SASEMAR. They are based on the latest VoIP, RDS, and 5G technologies for voice and data communication. This will support maritime mobile services in the Canary Islands, the southern Iberian Peninsula. In addition, Deimos experts will establish a stable connection between the Tarifa and Algeciras centres and their stations.

Collaboration is vital for SASEMAR, as areas that recently experienced several humanitarian crises are facing problems with voice and data communications. Deimos’ developments in this industry will ensure safety on the problematic route to Europe when crossing the Atlantic Ocean towards the Canary Islands.

The contract with the Spanish Search and Rescue Agency establishes Elecnor Deimos as a reliable provider of engineering solutions for the marine industry and once again proves the company’s reputation as the top provider of innovative technological services.

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