Ecometrica is the Latest Signatory of the UN Global Compact

20th May 2021
Ecometrica is the Latest Signatory of the UN Global Compact

The UN Global Compact has a new signatory member. Ecometrica joins the group of volunteer organisations that commit to principles that promote universal sustainability. Its mission has always been to encourage the business community to become more world conscious.

Now the company joins other NGOs, SMEs, and large corporations who participate in the Global Compact. The UN Global compact follows ten principles set up at the first conference in 2004. Back then, under the leadership of Kofi Annan, the goal was to create more social responsibility.

Ecometrica’s Commitment to Social Responsibility

As the newest signatory, Ecometrica is ready to follow the footsteps of numerous other organisations across the world. Its goal is to continue being innovative, influential, and inspiring while promoting social responsibility.

Ecometrica continues to champion monitoring the ever-increasing climate change across the world. Additionally, it notes risk factors, identifies new opportunities, and promotes supply chain resilience construction. The goal is to use its services in alignment with the 10 UN Global Compact principles.

Not to mention, its engagement in the UNGC helps it have more impact. The world can see it as a formidable force that will make it easier to collaborate with others. That will result in a more sustainable future for the world.

More so, the union with the UNGC is a game-changer for the organisation. It can continue to be an influential reporter in all sustainability efforts worldwide. Ecometrica’s end-to-end software helps different organisations in target-setting based on scientific research.

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