Virgin Orbit Internship: Exciting Career Opportunities for Space Enthusiasts

11th May 2021
Virgin Orbit Internship: Exciting Career Opportunities for Space Enthusiasts

Virgin Orbit internship program is an exciting opportunity since this American aerospace company is developing rapidly due to high technology and an integrated approach to problem-solving. The company managed to take its niche in the orbital launch market and achieve impressive results over a short period of time thanks to a close-knit team of people who are in love with space and want to know everything about it.

On a mission to open space for everyone

Virgin Orbit’s primary mission is to make space more accessible. Having one’s own satellite in space and paying an adequate price for it should soon be available to many commercial companies, public and scientific organisations, even individuals. 

But space can become not only a business tool but also a hobby, and anyone can enter this exciting industry. Virgin strives to create equal conditions for everyone. “Great work starts with a great team” is one of the company’s mottos. This is why Virgin employs not only responsible, creative, educated and experienced specialists but also those who are truly passionate about space.

The staff is divided into four teams. The first one designs, develops, and tests engines for the LauncherOne launch vehicle. The second team works on the manufacturing line, producing rockets and their component parts on modern equipment. The third team is responsible for liaison with the government, legislatures, and partner companies to ensure a legal foundation and a flexible supply chain for space exploration.

The fourth division includes launch and maintenance specialists for the 747 Cosmic Girl, an aircraft that delivers LauncherOne to the upper atmosphere. Virgin Orbit internship and a chance to work in any of its four teams is now open for interested applicants. Who can apply, and how can one get behind the scenes of this leading New Space company?

How to apply for the Virgin Orbit internship?

Virgin Orbit is always open to new hires and has a dedicated section on its website where you can view vacancies, check out application requirements, and send a resume. It has a handy form where applicants can indicate their preferred division (communications, IT, finance, engineering, marketing, etc.), choose a location, and pick a goal (undergo an internship, get a full-time job or act as a contractor).

Virgin welcomes applicants who:

  • love the aerospace industry and their profession
  • have a good knowledge base and are ready to learn
  • have relevant experience
  •  can work independently and as part of the team
  • have strong communication skills
  • are US citizens or permanent residents of the country
  • have high moral standards

As an employer, Virgin Orbit provides equal opportunities for all employees. The company’s main goal is to hire knowledgeable and thoughtful experts who can get along with other team members and are passionate about work. Meanwhile, skin color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, etc. do not affect Virgin Orbit internship or future employment opportunities.

Getting an internship in a space company is both interesting and profitable. Young experts can gain tremendous experience, improve their qualifications, communicate with talented people, and make good money. Employer’s vision contributes to the intern’s growth and financial independence as Virgin Orbit internship and workplace aim to create an environment where people can work with full dedication, fulfilling the company’s mission of making space accessible and developing the space industry in general.

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