Scotland’s Space and Fishing Sector Team up for a Sustainability Study

29th Apr 2021
Scotland’s Space and Fishing Sector Team up for a Sustainability Study

Scotland’s space and fishing sector are teaming up to conduct a new study. Space Intelligence, a leading satellite data analyst in Scotland, has been asked to draw its attention to the fishing industry. As of now, Scotland is an international leader in seafood production, and its aerospace industry is also developing quite rapidly. The partnership between these two sectors should take Scotland’s sea industry to a new level.

Scotland’s Space and Sea Ambitions

Fisheries Innovation Scotland (FIS) has asked the leading satellite technology provider Space Intelligence to assist with the fishing industry study. According to FIS’ Executive Director, Kara Brydson, their industry is considered old-fashioned, but, in practice, it is the opposite of that. Teaming up with Scotland’s space sector should help emphasise the innovative and modern approaches in the sea industry.

Murray Collins, Space Intelligence CEO and co-founder, states that there are plenty of ways for satellites to influence sea industry growth and development. He says that the key focus of the upcoming research will be identifying the challenges in the fishing sector before offering potential solutions. Collins adds that Space Intelligence is not going to reinvent the wheel on this project but will try to analyse already existing systems.

The project is aimed at helping fishing companies and sea policy-makers grasp the potential of their industry and should be completed by the end of May. Besides, it may lay the groundwork for future collaboration between Scotland’s space and sea industries.

In particular, satellite data may be used to monitor fish stocks, improve management, increase safety at sea, and even help scientists analyze the influence of global climate change on the ocean.

According to Mr. Collins, satellite data can make the fishing industry more profitable and sustainable, which is the primary goal of uniting Scotland’s space and sea sectors.

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