Isar Aerospace and ESA To Develop Flight Tracking & Safety System For Future Rocket Launches From Andøya Spaceport

26th Apr 2021
Isar Aerospace and ESA To Develop Flight Tracking & Safety System For Future Rocket Launches From Andøya Spaceport

Isar Aerospace, the first privately-funded European space company, will launch satellites with its Spectrum rocket from Andøya Space Complex in Norway. The two companies have signed a satellite launch agreement for the next twenty years in 2021, which marks the beginning of an important period for both parties.

On 1st November 2023, ESA and Isar Aerospace, in collaboration with Andøya Spaceport, agreed to extend their contract. The extension will focus on developing an advanced flight tracking and safety system for upcoming satellite launches.

Updated on 16th November

The autonomous flight tracking system aims to accurately monitor the Spectrum launch vehicle’s position, speed, and trajectory during its ascent to orbit. This precision is crucial to meet Andøya Spaceport’s flight safety standards. The goal is to explore the system’s potential to facilitate automated flight termination capabilities for Andøya Spaceport’s ground system.

Isar Aerospace’s Spectrum, a two-stage launch vehicle, will have dimensions of approximately 28 meters in height and 2 meters in diameter. Its ten engines will be capable of launching payloads weighing up to 1000 kg into low Earth orbit.

 Isar Aerospace is supported through ‘Boost!’ – ESA’s programme to support the development, deployment and use of commercial space transportation services in Europe.

Isar Aerospace & Andøya Space Satellite Launch Agreement

Isar Aerospace is a Munich-based company founded in 2018 by Daniel Metzler, Josef Fleischmann, and Markus Brandl. Even though the company is relatively new, it has been developing quite rapidly. In three years of existence, Isar Aerospace has grown to 120 employees. The company has attracted plenty of private investors, including Airbus Ventures, Earlybird, and Lakestar.

Andøya Space has a longer history. This Norwegian launch site has provided launch services since 1962. Today, Andøya Space is the best-funded launch complex in Europe, and its location on the northern coastline allows for 87.4 to 108-degree launch inclinations, perfect for a satellite launch to sun-synchronous and polar orbits.

Both Isar Aerospace and Andøya Space are highly optimistic about their latest satellite launch agreement. Daniel Metzler, ISAR’s CEO, states that the whole team is happy and proud. He adds that launching from Andøya will ensure long-term turnkey solutions from Europe.

In its turn, Andøya emphasizes the significance of this 100% European partnership. Odd Roger Enoksen, Andøya President and CEO, says that this agreement marks a new stage for the European space industry since Isar will become the first European company to launch satellites from a European facility. Enoksen adds that Andøya is a strong supporter of European space initiatives and that their team is proud to collaborate with European space companies.

So, it does look like the Isar Aerospace and Andøya Space agreement to launch satellites marks the beginning of a new era for the entire European space industry.

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