Copenhagen Suborbitals Live-Streams its Latest Rocket Engine Test on YouTube

23rd Apr 2021
Copenhagen Suborbitals

Copenhagen Suborbitals have laboured through this Easter. On March 4th and 5th, the company live-streamed a video with Copenhagen Suborbitals rocket engine test. In total, CS carried out 15 rocket engine tests in one weekend, which is more than the company ever did before.

Copenhagen Suborbitals rocket engine test details

BPM5 engine with showerhead-style injector was the main star of Copenhagen Suborbitals rocket engine test. CS had some concerns about this technology since they needed to scale the engine to 100 kN for the upcoming BPM100 engine. To this end, the company has been working on coaxial swirler injectors. In total, CS has created six different types of coaxial injector elements before proceeding to static fire tests.

The injectors varied in fabrication technology, film cooling, and mixer ratio. A total of five injector burns are documented in the video, publicly available at the Copenhagen Suborbitals Youtube channel. The video is over six hours long, with timestamps for the major testing milestones, so anyone interested is welcome to take a look and comment.

So far, it looks like Copenhagen Suborbitals are satisfied with the rocket engine tests. However, the company did not publish any results so far. Copenhagen Suborbitals rocket test results will soon be available on the company website, its YouTube channel, and other social networks.

As a reminder, Copenhagen Suborbitals is the only amateur aerospace company based in Denmark. The ambitious group is crowd-funded and has already built five operational rockets and two mock capsules. The scalable BPM-5 engine came from the company’s last rocket Nexø II.

Now, the company is getting ready for another upgrade. Given the company’s crowd-funding logic, interested fans can stay certain that Copenhagen Suborbitals rocket engine test results will soon be made public.

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