Kratos Defence & Security Carries Out Sounding Rocket Launch with USSF

31st Mar 2021
Kratos Defence & Security Carries Out Sounding Rocket Launch with USSF

US Space Force (USSF) carried out the first sounding rocket launch with the support of Kratos Defence & Security Solutions’ SRP-4 (Sounding Rocket Program) and Space Vector. The launch took place from a NASA-controlled Flight Facility in Virginia, USA. The sounding rocket carried an experimental payload for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). Together with Space and Missile Systems Enterprise, USSF loaded the three-stage orbital vehicle that took the experimental payload into the air. 

Kratos and Space Vector Rocket Launch Contract Details

In December 2018, Space Vector won a contract to support the SRP-4 program developed by Kratos. The contract did not have any limitations on quantity or terms of delivery. 

In two years after getting the contract, Space Vector built its TTO vehicle. Kratos Defence & Security Solutions was responsible for the associated infrastructure, developing the interface, integration solutions and mission plans.

Kratos team is fully satisfied with the latest rocket launch. They have now achieved all set goals before the rocket splashed down into the Atlantic Ocean. According to Kratos, the splashdown was a planned one. 

New Mexico State University’s Research Laboratory and Kratos Rocket Support Services division developed the avionics and vehicle control systems. 

According to Dave Carter, KDRSS president, the Kratos team has done their best to design reliable and affordable suborbital rocket launch solutions and KDRSS rocket launch solutions will help support DoD’s national security programs and requirements.

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