China successfully launch Long March 7A Rocket

30th Mar 2021
China successfully launch Long March 7A Rocket

Chinese rocket, Long March 7A, is fuelled by liquid oxygen and kerosene and measures 60 metres tall. The rocket made its first appearance recently and its launch took place on 11th March 2021. China has maintained its silence in regards to the Long March 7A rocket launch. 

The WLC witnessed the countries most recent attempt to deliver the craft to lower Earth orbit. The Long March 7A rocket has now successfully launched a huge satellite into the GTO (Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit). This was the 2nd attempt since the first failed mission back in 2020. 

It’s no secret that China had no intention of letting the public know of this latest development. The world came to know of the March 7A existence through social media. Before that, only hints of the mission were revealed by Chinese space authorities without making a public statement. 

Trajectory and rocket launch time confirmations were only able to be estimated in the form of navigational safety warnings from China. However, there were several road closures in the surrounding area. 

The mission of the Long March 7A Rocket Launch

The new craft has a capacity of 7 metric tons that delivered the satellite to the GTO after the successful launch. Still, it’s worth noting that there’s no official report available explaining what went wrong with the 1st mission in March 2020. 

It’s only later that an article was published pointing to excess pressure experienced after 1st stage separation leading to a massive explosion. 

Now China has a more advanced craft with a kerolex core measuring 3.35m in diameter. Additionally, it has side boosters measuring 2.25m in diameter.  Also, there’s now a hydrolox 3rd stage that assisted the rocket in delivering payloads during the rocket launch. 

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