Rocket Lab’s Photon Rocket Launch to Deliver a New Fleet Space Nanosatellite to Lower Earth Orbit

16th Mar 2021
Rocket Lab’s Photon Rocket Launch to Deliver a New Fleet Space Nanosatellite to Lower Earth Orbit

The upcoming rocket launch by Rocket Lab will see Fleet Space Technologies deliver its 5th nanosatellite to orbit. Delivery will start from Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand, where the Launch Complex 1 centre is located. 

Centauri 3, the nanosatellite, is a more advanced version of their previous satellites and is in line with FST plans to have 140 similar satellites in orbit. Its mission is to gather the constellation on behalf of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). 

This advanced nanosatellite was made by the FST team that comprises top engineers with a deep understanding of communication payloads. Upgrades include better data capacity to levels of 119x improvement, which differ from the previous payloads. 

Once in orbit, the new nanosatellite will join other satellites, 550km high at Lower orbit. The satellites in place now are part of worldwide connected devices that form a global network. They have a massive impact on the mining and resource industries. 

More on Fleet Space Technologies and Rocket Lab

Flavia Tata Nardini, the CEO of FST, expressed how monumental the latest nanosatellite launch is for the company. It’s their 5th commercial launch, and the satellite consists of several new upgrades. At the moment, there’s a considerable challenge across the world when it comes to critical global infrastructure. The main issue is the remoteness of assets which brings about the necessity of safe 2-way communication methods. 

The Centauri 3 payload will include the 25th payload manufactured by FST and is the start for space hardware production in South Australia. After a successful delivery, the company has opted to use Rocket Lab as a launch provider for the 2nd time. 

Currently, Rocket Lab ranks among the top commercial companies globally, capable of delivering payloads successfully to Lower Earth Orbit (LEO). 

Simultaneously, the company CEO Peter Beck stated his delight to be working once again with Fleet Space. The company makes significant headway in delivering excellent services to its customers who have had experience with a Rocket Lab launch previously. 

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