Tongue Resident Writes a Letter to the First Minister in Support of the Sutherland Spaceport

10th Mar 2021
Tongue Resident Writes a Letter to the First Minister in Support of the Sutherland Spaceport

June Taylor, a resident in Tongue, opted to express her support for the Spaceport Sutherland by penning a letter to the First Minister. The letter is in line with the upcoming judicial review into the project worth £17.3 million. 

She has written that this new development is quite beneficial to the area, now suffering the effects of depopulation. Her main concern is the project is not proceeding as planned due to opposition. Currently, landowner and entrepreneur Anders Povlsen remains heavily opposed to this UK spaceport. 

His opposition was presented through Wildland Ltd., which is one of the companies he owns. Wildland went to the Court of Session calling for a judicial review of the development on environmental grounds. 

The judicial review set for 1st April will look into the planning consent given by the Highland Council. If any discrepancy is noted, the authorization will be revoked, which will be a significant blow to the Sutherland spaceport. 

Contents of the Letter

In her letter copied to Mr. Povlsen and the Minister for Trade, Innovation, and Public Finance, she explained why the project is crucial to the area. 

Any effect on the UK spaceport environment brings to the area is a worthy price to pay given the economic benefit. Young people now stand a chance of securing jobs and raising families in the area. 

Mrs. Taylor elaborated that there’s a need for the region to look further and scoop as many opportunities as possible. Failure to do so will lead to more depopulation as people move elsewhere searching for jobs and will have to take their families with them. 

If this happens, the area will die, and the people who remain will feel the effect. Presently, most families’ homes have turned into holiday accommodations after families left to seek greener pastures. 

Her letter also included a part about Mr. Povlsen, who’s using his wealth and influence to hinder growth in the area. There’s an opportunity at the doorstep that promises to bring jobs and people to the area. Furthermore, she pointed out that a sister company to Wildland, Wild Ventures is an investor of the Shetland site. 

As a result, Mr. Povlsen is currently losing this debate because most of the locals aren’t in agreement with his Sutherland spaceport opposition and most are keen to see the benefits this new spaceport will bring to the surrounding area. 

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