Shetland Space Centre set to Inspire the Next Generation of Space Industry Experts

8th Mar 2021

The Isle of Unst is the ideal setting for the Shetland Space Centre, thanks to its location on the UK map. It’s from this spaceport that rockets carrying satellites will launch. Recently, the UK spaceport sent in its grand plans and only required planning permission to start development. 

Shetland Space Centre senior manager Yvette Hopkins stated that this is a great leap forward for the UK space industry. Once the spaceport is operational, hundreds of kids from the area will hopefully gain an interest in space. 

All young people in Scotland have a chance to feel the full space ecosystem at the Shetland Space Centre. Not to mention Scotland is renowned across the UK for its innovative capabilities and rich history. 

She expressed that the region has a deep history with space, and creating the Shetland Space Centre is going in line with this theme. The history and geography of the area are a significant contributor to the growing Scottish space industry. 

These are exciting times for the space industry as NASA has now landed a new rover on the red planet, Mars. Every space enthusiast is glued to the situation, waiting for any new information since this massive achievement. 

Landing the rover on Mars was a massive achievement in the space industry. Now people are getting excited about what’s next. Successfully sending a rocket into space is the current goal for the Shetland Space Centre, according to Yvette. 

Shetland Space Centre Ambition to Inspire Young Minds

Pushing the red button to launch a rocket remains the ultimate goal of the spaceport. Many of the children within the surrounding area are looking forward to that day, and Yvette expressed her hopes that a local can be in charge of pushing it. 

In a bid to further this goal, the Shetland Space Centre is working together with the Highland Council. They have set up the SSEEP (Shetland Space Education and Employment Pipeline) that’s meant to inspire small children and young adults. 

Once the plans receive planning permission, the goal is to start working in the summer. The timing is crucial for the local economy, given the tourist potential for the Isle of Unst. Visitors can get immersed in the Shetland Space Centre by visiting the VIC (Virtual Interpretation Centre). These centres at the Shetland Space Centre will give tourists a front seat view to these launches. 

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