Fleet Space’s Fifth Smallsat, Centauri 3, Getting Ready For Launch This Month Via Rocket Lab Launch

1st Mar 2021
Fleet Space’s Fifth Smallsat, Centauri 3, Getting Ready For Launch This Month Via Rocket Lab Launch

Centauri 3, Fleet Space’s most advanced smallsat, is set to be sent in orbit in March 2021 via the ‘They Go Up So Fast mission’ by Rocket Lab’s launch. The smallsat will be sent from Māhia Peninsula (New Zealand). Fleet Space’s fifth smallsat to orbit the earth. Centauri 3, is one of the planned 140 strong constellations, which will be used to provide global satellite connectivity for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

What is Centauri 3?

The experienced and highly-skilled Fleet Space team are the brains behind developing the commercial smallsat’s communication payload. As compared to the previous Centauri 2’s payload, the Centauri 3 has 119 x improvements in data capacity. Another impressive aspect about the Centauri 3 payload is that it is not larger than a shoebox and weighs approximately 10kg. As a result of the collaboration with Tyvak (American operator) and Tyvak International (sister team in Italy), the payload has also been integrated with the satellite bus/avionics.

What is the purpose of Rocket Lab launching Centauri 3?

To further power the global network of connected devices being deployed worldwide, the newly-designed Centauri 3 will be joining Fleet Space’s constellation in LEO at 550km. With the help of these devices, the mining and resource industries are being revolutionized. Additionally, they will also be used for providing technologies for Mars, Moon, and Earth through the SEVEN SISTERS moon mission that has been envisioned for 2023; the purpose of this mission is to search for accessible and abundant water to support the Artemis program of NASA.

Fleet Space has used Rocket Lab for their second launch attempt; the previous ones included Proxima I and II’s launching in 2018 from Mahia, New Zealand. Rocket Lab is one of the frontrunners in developing space systems and launch providers for small satellites. The Centauri 3 launch is scheduled for March 2021 off from Māhia Peninsula’s Launch Complex 1. Additionally, Centauri 3 will also be Rocket Lab’s 19th Electron rocket launch and 100th overall.

The CEO of Fleet Space, Tata Nardini, stated that the critical global infrastructure has been continuously challenged by asset remoteness and requires secure two-way communications. Additionally, it also requires the ability to manage its assets remotely. Tata Nardini states that Fleet Space has worked hard to develop satellites for real internet from space for things and hopes to become one of the forerunners for critical infrastructure IoT management worldwide. The Centauri 3 will be Fleet Space’s 25th payload rocket launch and the most advanced generation yet. She also said that this smallsat would be the first of the 140 nanosatellites to be launched in South Australia.

Rocket Lab CEO and founder Peter Beck stated that he was delighted to provide tailored services for its customers, out of which many have launched on Electron. He states that Rocket Lab launches have always been dedicated to providing an unparalleled control over their orbital insertion. This is valid even in the case of rideshare.

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