Two Indian Rocket Startups Sign a Rocket Launch Agreement

20th Feb 2021
Two Indian Rocket Startups Sign a Rocket Launch Agreement

Two Indian rocket startups, Skyroot Aerospace and Bellatrix Aerospace, have signed an agreement for an upcoming rocket launch and satellite delivery into orbit. To describe this pact in simple terms, one could call it a space taxi. The first mission will involve Vikram launcher and an Orbital Transfer Vehicle.

Indian Rocket Startups Get Ready for a Rocket Launch 

Both Indian rocket startups have won this year’s National Startup Awards. Now, Skyroot and Bellatrix are getting ready for a joint mission. Bellatrix is currently developing the Orbital Transfer Vehicle based on the Vikram launcher tech developed Skyroot.

The initiative has support from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the government. Both parties are ready to support private aerospace companies, and these two Indian rocket startups are the first to sign a contract. Soon, more collaboration agreements between private companies should follow.

The reason why both companies are referring to their mission as the space taxi is because the OTV will offer so-much needed flexibility of delivering payloads into orbits. The spacecraft can ensure precise payload placement and make more deliveries than usually possible. The collaboration between Skyroot and Bellatrix will ensure flexible satellite delivery schedules into calculated orbits. The first rocket launch from the two Indian rocket startups is scheduled for 2023. 

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