Kirk Pysher and Janice Starzyk are the New Virgin Orbit’s Vice Presidents

18th Feb 2021
Kirk Pysher and Janice Starzyk are the New Virgin Orbit’s Vice Presidents

The Virgin Orbit Vice Presidents team has recently gained new appointments. The new executive team members are well known and respected in the space industry. There’s Janice Starzyk, who is the new Vice President of Government Operations. The other is Kirk Pysher, the vice president of Mission Assurance, Quality, and Safety. 

Based in California, Virgin Orbit is a satellite launching company who have recently been on a winning streak. The new appointments come after the company had a win back in January after they managed to demonstrate orbital launch successfully. 

The demonstration featured the LauncherOne system, a one of a kind system that managed to transport 9 smallsats into space. The mission had the backing of NASA’s Venture Class Launch Services Program. All who witnessed this were able to see all the features of the LauncherOne system. 

Now, Virgin Orbit is working towards meeting the needs of its growing customer base, thanks to this successful demonstration. It explains why the company is now filling the Virgin Orbit Vice President seats with Janice Starzyk and Kirk Pysher. 

Who are Janice Starzyk and Kirk Pysher?

The two new Virgin Orbit Vice Presidents are well known in the space industry as top leaders. As the new head of Government Operations, Janice Starzyk is tasked with leading the Washington, DC office. 

She’s played a significant role in the growing space industry in terms of expertise. Previously she was at Bryce Space and Technology as the head of the consulting department. Also, she held a leading position at ULA (United Launch Alliance), providing commercial strategy and market intelligence for launch service operators. To top that off, Janice Starzyk worked at Futron Corporation. 

Kirk Pysher also has much more to bring to the new Virgin Orbit Vice President position, including experience spanning 3 decades. He has vast experience in all matters involving expendable launch vehicles. 

Before moving to Virgin Orbit, his recent position was at ILS (International Launch Services), where he was the President. While there, he was in charge of changes that sought to enhance efficiency in production. The changes included using more automated processes, which led to changes in the quality management system. He produced results with these changes like the Proton launches, which went ahead without any setbacks.

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