SNP Candidate Tom Wills Calls For Scottish Spaceports Proposals’ to Get Equal Consideration

17th Feb 2021
SNP Candidate Tom Wills Calls For Scottish Spaceports Proposals’ to Get Equal Consideration

According to the Press and Journal newspaper, Fiona Hyslop was lobbying to support the Space Hub Sutherland from Chancellor Rishi Sunak. The action prompted Tom Wills, a local SNP candidate, to push back with a demand for fair play that included support for the Shetland Space Centre (SSC).

Hyslop seemed more in favor of the Sutherland port as she stated that it was the best of the two to conduct the first UK launch. She urged the Chancellor to show support by removing all barriers that could hinder this goal. 

Tom Wills, on the other hand, wrote a letter calling out the Economic Secretary. He noted that the SSC also deserves a chance for consideration, which means Hyslop must play fair. Both Scottish spaceports should get equal hearings for their proposals together with government backing. 

On Wednesday, the SNP candidate emphasized the importance of satellites for effective networks for communication. Once in space, they’d play a significant role in determining extreme weather events and dealing with the changing climate globally. 

Scottish Spaceports Role in the Growing Scottish Space Industry

As the days get closer to the upcoming UK launch, two spaceports stand a chance to go down in space history. The SSC and Space Hub Sutherland have sent in their proposals stating why they’re best suited for the task ahead. 

Once the UK launches its first satellite, it’ll set a new precedent in Europe and rope in many more clients who will use the two ports. Now that the clock is ticking, there’s a call for the SSC to have a significant role in the Scottish space industry. 

According to the letter sent in by Tom Wills, he expresses his pleasure in the role the Scottish government is playing within the growing industry. However, after Fiona Hyslop lobbies for the Space Hub Sutherland, there’s a need for the government to treat both proposals fairly, ensuring the Shetland Space Centre gets a fair chance.

 Wills goes on in his letter to indicate that the Shetland Space Centre is on the right track in terms of infrastructure development. Furthermore, HyImpulse Technologies already has plans to perform engine tests at the Shetland Space Centre. 

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