Spire Global Signs Skypark Lease, Boosting Scotland’s Space Sector Ambitions

12th Feb 2021
Spire Global Signs Skypark Lease, Boosting Scotland’s Space Sector Ambitions

Spire Global, a Glasgow-based company, announced that it would be moving into larger premises, which once again proves high hopes for Scotland’s space potential. The nanosatellite production company is ready to take up office space in Glasgow’s Skypark. Like many other aerospace companies in the area, Spire is growing rapidly, along with the region’s space potential. 

Spire Global & Scotland’s Space Potential 

In just four years of its existence, Spire has seen very considerable growth. Just recently, they signed a deal with Glasgow’s Skypark for a ten-year lease of a 29,511 square feet facility. This premises is almost three times the size of the premises Spire occupies currently. 

The company collects data to monitor maritime, weather, and avionics. This data is required all over the globe, and now the company needs more space to grow its team.

Stephen Ellis, a Senior Investment Manager at Federated Hermes, mentions that Skypark continues to grow along with Scotland’s space potential, attracting ever more clients. He also adds that Skypark will keep attracting companies and will continue to meet their demands, no matter how diverse. 

One more proof of Scotland’s space potential is the support this region receives from the government. Spire Global is one of the companies handpicked by the Scottish government. The company received £14.7 million funds of investment. This money will help create 260 new job opportunities within the area. 

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon explicitly states that this is one of the largest investments allocated to a private company. James Pearson, head of global communications at Spire, does not seem surprised. He mentions that their company has already become part of Scotland’s space sector and keeps moving it forwards. Pearson adds that Scotland already produces more satellites than any other country in Europe, and this number will continue to grow.

Another worthy representative in this niche is Orbex Space. This aerospace company has received £18 million in funding from the UK Space Agency. While companies may be receiving grants now, the government should reap their rewards as well. Experts estimate that Scotland’s space sector revenue should reach £2 billion by 2030. 

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