Elecnor Deimos Validates EO-ALERT Concept for Real-Time Ocean Monitoring

5th Feb 2021
Elecnor Deimos Validates EO-ALERT Concept for Real-Time Ocean Monitoring

Elecnor Deimos has tested and validated its EO-ALERT for real-time ocean monitoring. Successful tests were performed at the Graz University of Technology, in Austria, together with Inmarsat and Addvalu Innovation. The tests relied on real-time relay services and delivered an alert within a minute after image detection. 

Elecnor Deimos Makes Real-Time Ocean Monitoring Possible with EO-ALERT

The EO-ALERT project started in 2018 and should be fully implemented in 2021. It is a part of the H2020 European Union research activity coordinated by Elecnor Deimos. Initially, this software was supposed to send quick alerts from space to earth. The original estimate was under five minutes, but recent tests have shown that the actual time frame is less than one minute. 

The tests were conducted based on the Inter-satellite Data Relay System (IDRS) designed by Inmarsat and Addvalue Innovation. The system is now operational in low-earth orbit. The main objective of this initiative was to provide real-time ocean monitoring for ship detection. 

The recent results obtained with Graz University of Technology’s help have explicitly shown that IDRS technology can be used for alerts. This tech ensures a fast transmission rate of 250 Kbit/s. A single alert comes back to earth in less than a minute after detecting a ship with Earth observation satellites. 

To date, EO-ALERT focuses on developing the next-generation EO data and processing chain. Elecnor Deimos, along with its research partners, strives to deliver a handy and fast platform for the end-users. The satellite system developed by Addvalu plays a crucial part in this since their tech ensures real-time data delivery. The IDRS terminal uses an antenna, assisted by a LEO-stationed satellite. This ensures an uninterrupted connection with transmission rates of 200 kbit/s and higher.

Elecnor Deimos is an established company valued for its innovative solutions in aerospace engineering. The alert initiative will make EO services more accessible for the end-users and ensure higher speed and greater accuracy in meteorological and civil security operations. 

According to Deimos Space CEO Ismael Lopez, EO-ALERT will become a key element in the next-generation EO analytics and processing chain. Now that EO-ALERT is a proven concept, Elecnor Deimos can ensure real-time ocean monitoring for quick disaster response and tracking. 

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