Satellite Technology Uses Advances to Fighting Loneliness in Yorkshire

27th Jan 2021
Satellite Technology Uses Advances to Fighting Loneliness in Yorkshire

The UK Space Agency has revealed that a new project is up their sleeve as they aim to help vulnerable people in the greater Yorkshire area. Given that many people live an isolated life, one issue they face is loneliness. However, that is about to change as the agency implements satellite uses to connect these individuals. 

Leeds City Council is among the pioneers adopting the program to show how advantageous this initiative is. The launch took place during Blue Monday, which is not a great day for many people. It signifies the end of the holidays, and it’s when credit card bills roll in. On top of all these issues,  many people have to endure cold winter nights. 

It’s no wonder the project is beneficial to the over 2 million individuals suffering from extreme loneliness with such scenarios. It gets worse given the endless months of lockdowns due to the pandemic and recent stay at home orders within the UK. 

Such extreme times have the UK government at high alert as many people living alone risk intense loneliness, regardless of age. 

Further Satellite Technology Uses to Combat Loneliness

As the pandemic rages on, new lockdown measures are underway in the UK. This means even more people are at risk of being incredibly lonely and isolated in their homes. It’s led to institutions such as Care View creating unique apps for this exact reason. Now people can download and report cases of isolated individuals in need of company. 

Using satellite technology, the app will create a geographical map of numerous isolation reports. Also, it can help to identify homes and streets where individuals welcome help. The pandemic was an eye-opener to many as isolation led to loneliness at a higher rate. 

Now with satellite technology being used in such missions, it has become easier to pinpoint people who may need help. Most live in remote locations where neighbours and towns are far off. They may suffer from stress now that it’s harder for family and friends to visit them due to Coronavirus. 

It’s a significant project with the UK government backing that will see many in Yorkshire benefit. Many have hailed the initiative as one of the most excellent uses of satellite technology.

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