South Australian Satellite Launch Plans Are Underway

26th Jan 2021
South Australian Satellite Launch Plans Are Underway

The South Australian government will soon join other countries that have carried out satellite launches in the past. Once these are in low earth orbit, they’ll come in handy to mitigate bush fires, monitor water distribution, and tackle state emergencies. 

These ambitious plans are led by the South Australian government that has set aside AU$6.5 million for this mission in 2022. The satellites will be state-owned and help the South Australian government in many ways. 

As for the mission, the company in charge is SCRC (SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre). It’ll oversee the whole satellite launch mission while data collection is under Myriota, an IoT startup. Data collection will involve weather changes taking place in Australia and bushfires coverage that is ravaging the country. 

Another participant in this government project is Inovor Technologies, which is a satellite manufacturing company. Its mandate is to design all 6 spacecraft and manufacture them in time for the intended launch in 2022. 

Once they are in orbit, they’ll start work right away by providing crucial data that the country can use in managing current emergencies. It’ll also monitor the environment, water distribution, and bush fires over 3 years. 

More Details on the Future Australian Satellite Launches

The South Australian Premier is hailing this upcoming project as a step in the right direction for the Australian space industry. He expressed that this upcoming Australian satellite launch is a bold project that will provide valuable services to the government. 

South Australia is the first state of the country to develop such a program. That fact makes it even more significant. The project will set the state apart as a space hub while also providing essential services to the country. 

In terms of purpose, all data and images collected will enable the South Australian government to make informed decisions while faced with specific problems. Also, these will help in understanding the current environmental situation. 

Once in place, the satellites will make it possible for emergency services to improve in this state. They will also help monitor and analyse climate changes and possibly prevent irreversible consequences. This significant activity depends on a successful satellite launch in the upcoming 2022 mission.

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