Skyrora Completes a Successful Space Tug Test

18th Jan 2021
Skyrora Completes a Successful Space Tug Test

Scottish-based company Skyrora has recently completed a successful space tug test. The company, located in Edinburgh, hopes to become the first entity in the UK to launch a locally-designed orbital vehicle since fifty years ago. A successful space tug test completed by the company proves that these hopes are perfectly grounded. 

Successful Space Tug Tests & What It Means For Skyrora

This recent test may mean another chapter for the company as well as the UK’s future within the space industry. The tug is designed to deliver satellites into calculated orbits; however, it can also be used for removing space debris, such as outdated or damaged satellites. 

The space tug design is based on the final stage of Skyrora XL, which is a 70-foot tall rocket created for launching satellites into low-earth orbit. This stage has been tested in December and proved to be a complete success. The space tug test included three 450-second firings. Before that, the company has already tested its Skylark Micro rocket, shooting it 16 km above the ground from the Shetland Islands.

Another aspect that makes Skyrora stand out from other aerospace companies is its focus on modular rocket building technology. The company’s lightweight rockets and launch systems can be easily assembled and disassembled, which makes satellite launches more affordable. This affordability opens up new possibilities for small satellite manufacturers and businesses interested in creating constellations of satellites. 

According to chief executive Volodymyr Levykin, the company management did not draw much attention to their rockets’ modular aspect. However, when Skyrora has completed a successful modular space tug test, they are ready to expand operations and increase the rate of manufacture. 

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