Tim Peake, Advisory Board Member of Skyrora, Collaborates with the UK Space Agency on a New Project

22nd Dec 2020
Tim Peake, Advisory Board Member of Skyrora, Collaborates with the UK Space Agency on a New Project

Never before had a Briton ascended to space and resided on the International Space Station. One of current Advisory Board members of Skyrora, Tim Peake, made history in the UK on 15th December when he landed on the station back in 2015. He remains a great inspiration to many after a successful mission. 

After his mission, hundreds of young children across the country today take a keen interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects in school. 

The Principia mission lasted half a year and saw many stakeholders invest in it. The UK Space Agency, together with these stakeholders, worked hand in hand with Tim Peake on a host of projects. One such project saw him attempt to grow plants in space from seeds. 

Furthermore, the mission saw Tim Peake perform complete astronaut workouts in space as well as create films. Through an outreach program for kids, 2 million students participated in it together with a third of all UK schools. 

Latest Campaign to Encourage Space Careers by Tim Peake

A new campaign is underway in the UK, led by Tim Peake and the UK Space Agency. Starting on 10th December, the project will last until the end of January 2020. The purpose is to highlight the stories of all STEM students who borrow their inspiration from his mission to space. 

For example, the project highlights the story of Lowena Hull, a science student at a local university. At 18 years old, she’s already impacted the space industry by designing an mp3 player that Tim Peake used in space. 

Another example is Michael Woodward, who is now enjoying a career in the industry. He closely followed Tim Peake’s mission and was inspired to follow a similar path. Today, he works for Goonhilly Earth Station as a maintenance tech for antennas communication with the International Space Station

He recently expressed his delight in how his 2015 mission inspires young minds across the UK. He expressed that his own inspiration came at an early age when he learned about early astronauts who took part in different space missions. 

Still, he encourages youngsters to not limit their visions to only being astronauts. There are numerous careers to choose from in the space industry, and all play a vital role in its growth and development.

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