Gilmour Space Teams up with Momentus Propelling the Australian Space Industry Forward

14th Dec 2020
Gilmour Space Teams up with Momentus Propelling the Australian Space Industry Forward

The agreement between Momentus and Gilmour Space Technologies means a higher rate of transport into space with increased access to two essential orbits. These orbits include equatorial and low inclines as part of the services that Gilmour Space provides. Momentus brings to the table extensive experience when it comes to more flights in the coming future. 

Momentus currently has several Eris rockets that are known for their large size and are set to hit the space industry market as soon as 2023. Upon their introduction, under the mutual agreement, the rockets will enable satellite deployment even beyond regular orbits. These two are the norm, however advanced capabilities can send satellites even further, which would benefit the companies greatly. 

A Deeper Look into the Momentus and Gilmour Space Agreement

For Gilmour Space, this agreement is a crucial step in astronomical missions in the years to come. Now the company has three scheduled launches from 2023 to 2025, with transfer services once in orbit. Furthermore, Momentus looks forward to acquiring launch services for the Eris from Australia. 

As per the company’s latest improved launch vehicles, the Eris is currently making the most noise regarding the mutual agreement. The vehicle is next set to launch in 2022, and its first mission is to deploy satellites into various orbits. 

Additionally, the vehicle can carry payloads of up to 300kg , which is an advantage that will serve the companies well. Later on, the company plans to introduce a high-performance Eris vehicle in 2025 with a larger payload capacity which means it will be capable of carrying and deploying higher payloads within the set orbit target. 

In terms of launch sites, they intend to use those within Australia as well as other countries. The company can bring satellites to synchronous and lower orbits without much fuss for the crucial missions. The partnership between Gilmour Space and Momentus was well received and is seen as a great leap for the rapidly growing Australian space industry. 

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