Synspective Turns to Rocket Lab’s Electron to Deploy Its First Strix Satellites

11th Dec 2020
Synspective Turns to Rocket Lab’s Electron to Deploy Its First Strix Satellites

There’s a two week launch period on the books during which the 17th Electron from Rocket Lab is scheduled to launch. For Synspective, this is a critical mission that will send a part of 30 top of the line satellites into orbit. The Electron is currently at the Launch Complex 1, awaiting the set date of 12th December. 

The mission brings about the Strix range of satellites that the company wants to create a space constellation. Once in place, the earth images collected will provide the company with crucial data. The data will give a detailed account of urban centres across the Asian continent and assist in urban development and planning. 

Details of the Satellites to be Launched By Rocket Lab’s Electron

Therefore, the newly designed spacecraft are wider than most sent to outer space, requiring a larger fairing. These fairings are new from Rocket Lab and were only recently introduced. Additionally, the Rocket Lab Electron has more performance capabilities thanks to modern technology incorporated by the company. 

Rocket Lab continues to make improved innovations for the Electron, including better technology for the vehicle’s battery. With such advances, Synspective can rest easy knowing its satellites are in the right hands for the upcoming mission. Furthermore, the Electron vehicle now can ferry payloads of up to 300kg into orbit.

Upon arrival, Rocket Lab intends to protect the satellites from harsh sun rays further. It’ll accomplish this by deploying the Kick Stage strategy, which cuts the amount of radiation exposure on the payload. 

The space company has expressed its intention to provide the best services to their Japanese client in the upcoming mission. This mission’s importance isn’t lost to them since this is the first satellite deployment for Synspective. This is only the beginning for Synspective, as they intend to have 30 SAR small satellites constellation in orbit as they expand their business interests.

UPDATE: This launch was postponed due to weather conditions. The new launch date is 15th December.

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