Anders Povlsen Has Invested In Shetland Space Centre As He Objects to the Sutherland Spaceport

11th Dec 2020
Anders Povlsen Has Invested In Shetland Space Centre As He Objects to the Sutherland Spaceport

Scotland is in a race to make a name for itself in the space industry with several vertical launch sites being planned. Now the Shetland rocket site has received a generous boost and is set to become the first to accomplish this mission. Thanks to Anders Povlsen’s investment, the once lagging spaceport can continue its development plans. 

Anders Povlsen’s objections to the Sutherland Spaceport lead to this decision as the planned launch site is located nearby to his vast estate and he has concerns surrounding how these launches will affect the surrounding environment. He is currently ranked as the largest landowner in Scotland and prefers to support the Shetland Space Centre, located at Unst. 

According to his company, the launch site needs the right location, and Sutherland is not it. Setting up the spaceport will interfere with his mission of rebuilding the environment of the area. He currently owns more than 20,000 acres of land and intends to rewild it. 

The Dispute Between Anders Povlsen and the Sutherland Spaceport

Even as Anders Povlsen vehemently objects to the spaceport, the construction of the Sutherland site is still ongoing. It intends to start launches as soon as 2022. The HIE (Highlands and Islands Enterprise) still maintains it undertook all the necessary research and steps to ensure minimal impact on the environment once the spaceport is operational. 

The Shetland Space Centre is currently getting lots of backing, even if some of its missions are yet to receive planning permission. Regarding the investment from Anders Povlsen, Shetland views this as a significant boost to the industry, which requires all the support it can get, no matter the motivation behind it. 

As Scotland’s space industry grows, the economy will feel the impact and create more skilled job opportunities. Also, surrounding businesses stand to benefit as more people show interest in visiting the new spaceports. Now there’s no denying the Shetland launch site is well on its way despite the dispute. It has backing from the UK Space Agency, Lockheed Martin, and the HIE. 

Despite the area’s sensitivity, there are high hopes for speedy progress of the Sutherland Spaceport even as Anders Povlsen continues to object. All those involved have done their due diligence regarding the spaceport and its impact on the British space industry. 

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