Gilmour Space Technologies Partners with Northrop Grumman Corporation by Signing MOU

10th Dec 2020
Gilmour Space Technologies Partners with Northrop Grumman Corporation by Signing MOU

As the space race rages on across the world, many more countries are working tirelessly to have a share in this lucrative industry. Now Australia has intentions of creating its launch sites within the country, which lessens reliance on foreign launch pads. 

Gilmour Space’s partnership will see this goal of the Australian government come to fruition. Furthermore, partnering with the Northrop Grumman Corporation enables the country to advance in critical areas such as national defence. 

Australia’s astronomical industry is currently led by the ASA (Australian Space Agency), which has a grand vision of the country’s future. The Northrop Grumman Corporation and the Gilmour Space Technologies are aware of the government’s intent to advance the industry. It means the manufacturing of necessary hardware will be in the country as per the MMS (Modern Manufacturing Strategy). 

What the Partnership between Gilmour Space Technologies and Northrop Grumman Corporation Entails

The partnership is proving vital to this industry’s advancement as Australia seeks a seat at the table among the top launch providers. Northrop Grumman Corporation will collaborate with Gilmour Space on one crucial project recently announced. It’s the CRC-P (Cooperative Research Centre Project), which handles the production of various tanks for rockets while reducing total cost. 

In the partnership for this project that includes Gilmour Space Technologies are two other crucial players. On the one hand, there’s Etemax Engineering, and the other is Griffith University who brings tremendous research experience to the table. 

The tanks that the team manufacture will measure at 2m in diameter and use composite materials. After production, the next step is testing to ensure they meet the necessary weight and reliability requirements. Once these come through, then next is placing the tanks in rockets. 

Of course, the company is excited about the collaboration with Northrop Grumman Corporation. These sentiments were  shown by Adam Gilmour, the company’s CEO. He expressed that this was a significant investment, and the company was happy to partner with Northrop Grumman Corporation to see the vision come to fruition. 

Furthermore, these are exciting times for Australia to become a significant player in the global space industry in 5 years. With this intent, companies like Gilmour Space Technologies will experience exponential growth and government support.

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