Rob Meyerson, Former President of Blue Origin, Is Appointed as Operating Partner by C5 Capital

26th Nov 2020
Rob Meyerson, Former President of Blue Origin, Is Appointed as Operating Partner by C5 Capital

C5 Capital welcomed a new working associate who will oversee the IPF (Impact Partners Fund) in Washington DC. Rob Meyerson’s Blue Origin years saw him grow the company into a global leader within the space industry. 

When Blue Origin was in its initial years, it functioned more like a think tank before evolving into a space company. Now at C5, he joins a company that’s renowned for its venture capital investments. Its primary focus is on ventures that revolve around AI, cybersecurity, and many more related fields. 

His experience at the aerospace company will help him in his new role at c5, bringing many valuable assets to the table. He’ll be responsible for tackling investments and deals that touch on three main sectors. These are cybersecurity, space, and cloud computing, which are now intersecting more and more, leading to innovations that impact all three main sectors. 

The space industry is currently growing at a rapid rate, as witnessed by the growth of Blue Origin. Now Rob will impart all that knowledge and help C5 note all great space technologies that impact cybersecurity and cloud computing. 

Rob Meyerson’s Blue Origin Experience and Other Ventures

Apart from his years at the space company, Rob also founded a consulting firm, Delalune Space and is the current CEO of that company. The firm has a footing in three sectors, namely tech, mobility, and aerospace. From this, it’s easy to see why he is a good fit for the move from Blue Origin to C5. Add over three decades of space knowledge and he’s the best candidate for the job. 

The career of Rob Meyerson at Blue Origin started in 2003 and finally came to an end in 2018. Under him, the company made great strides in the space industry, such as innovating the Shephard System meant for research and human orbital flights. Furthermore, the company set up a business for its revolutionary rocket fuel and many more achievements. 

After his exit from the company, he made career moves that involved plenty of leadership roles he still holds. For example, he’s the ASCEND executive producer for space settlements. 

C5 grasps that the future of cybersecurity is reliant on space technologies. Therefore, the gained experience is bound to help the venture capitalist.

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