UK Spaceport Alliance and SSLC Hold Workstreams as the UK Inches Closer to a Launch

19th Nov 2020
UK Spaceport Alliance and SSLC Hold Workstreams as the UK Inches Closer to a Launch

The SSLC (Scottish Space Leadership Council) led an initiative that lasted several weeks and included all UK launching site developers. The talks were conducted to bring together all key players after the conclusion of a consultation.

The UK government had initially published the consultation on 29th July 2020. It entailed lively talks and conducting further research. The debate also went on about how all the regulations on the proposal were to be implemented successfully. 

There’s a need for a more collaborative space industry in the UK as per the highlights of this workstream. All UK stakeholders were notified of the need to address specific areas of space advancements. 

UK Spaceport a Part of Workstreams Addressing UK Launch Missions

On top of other aspects, the workstreams spearheaded talks on how launches may impact the environment as well as the safety matters entailed. All main participants were required to grasp the role each plays in terms of risks, liabilities and issues of insurance. This will create useful methods in terms of all operations. 

Out of the mainstream, the UK spaceport and the SSCL concluded on the need for a regulator. Accomplishing this won’t just be by filling out the questionnaire but also coming up with proposals that will impact the UK space industry. They identified that questions on these questionnaires can be interpreted differently and that more input is required. 

With that, the UK can position itself to come up with regulations that affect the industry in the UK and across the globe. All this is for smallsat launching services. It will immensely benefit the UK space industry’s commercial efforts to grow to its potential and contribute to the UK economy. 

The UK accomplishments through this approach were highlighted in recent events held by the council. It highlighted how beneficial this collaborative move by the UK spaceport sector in understanding issues facing the industry. 

Additionally, these events’ output included actions and recommendations that led to an agreement for further advancement. The UK Spaceports Alliance chair, John Innes, expressed gratitude for all the dedication members showed during the workstreams. 

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