Gilmour Space Technologies Get Into Business with Griffith University to Expand Space Missions

16th Nov 2020
Gilmour Space Technologies Get Into Business with Griffith University to Expand Space Missions

In the modern world, scholars are making advancements never seen before. Several major companies are now capitalising on inventive young minds and partnering up with educational facilities to see such plans through. Gilmour Space Technologies is one such company as they have now partnered with Griffith University.

What is the Purpose of the Collaboration?

Gilmour Space Technologies, a major rocket construction company, has joined forces with a renowned University on a project to send off a new category of Satellites into orbit. The rockets were manufactured in Australia and the mission is scheduled for 2023, approximately just over two years from now.

Gilmour Space Technologies has released a statement that this collaboration is aimed to execute a plan to model and construct Australia’s largest satellite carrier. This collaboration opens doors to scholars who have undying interests in venturing into a career in the space industry.

How Long Is the Contract?

Griffith University and Gilmour Space Technologies have entered into a five-year pact. During this period, the engineers and researchers are expected to develop a prototype. The prototype will be designed to orbit the earth weighing just under 100 kg.

This satellite is also projected to carry consumers’ payloads into orbit as well. This will be a great window of opportunity to earn the two facilities a great amount of revenue.

What is the Aim of the Satellite?

This Australian satellite will have sophisticated technology that will enable researchers to predict natural disasters and weather conditions before they occur, monitoring mining, urban modelling and heat imaging, among other uses.

This prototype will be a significant upgrade as it develops from the previous shoebox-sized satellite to become a similar size to a fridge. Paulo de Souza, the brains behind the sensors on NASA’s Mars Rover, stated that unless Australians designed more elaborate satellite technologies, they may always depend on other nations.

This project of Gilmour Space Technologies is also looking into attracting graduates with astronomical knowledge to join in and to gain their interest in getting a career in the industry. The graduates will get one-year worth of training.

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