Blue Origin Set to Complete its Moon Delivery System by 2023

16th Nov 2020
Blue Origin Set to Complete its Moon Delivery System by 2023

2023 is set to be a great year for Blue Origin after it completes the Blue Origin Moon delivery system. Upon completion, the system shall deliver about 1 ton of payload to the moon. 

Back in 2017, the company had similar ambitions. One of the Blue Origin executives hinted that they are working on a lunar mission, but the goal was officially announced by the company’s Chief Scientist, Steve Squyres. He’s also a former Cornwell University professor known most for his work on the Mars rovers and Spirit. 

Mission for Blue Origin Moon Delivery Official Announcement

A virtual event was held to formally publicise the space enterprise’s delivery System operation at the University of Washington. It was at the Space Policy and Research Centre that Squyres informed those in attendance that this was a first in many more missions to come. 

The company has broader plans that include taking astronauts to the moon. Currently, NASA is busy establishing a base on the Moon and intends for the space enterprise to be its main goods supplier. The Artemis’s (NASA’s Base Camp) mission is to land a man and a woman onto the Moon’s South Pole. 

The woman that will be chosen for this mission will be the first female to land on the moon. The timeline for a lunar surface landing is set for 2024. Once the Blue Origin Moon delivery system is in place, they will be the top choice company for similar undertakings that include travel and goods packages. Not to mention, it’ll be the leading supplier of safety gear and support systems crucial to sustaining life on the moon’s surface. 

Being the leading space enterprise in the picture, they have partnered with other companies to get the delivery system working on time. A similar approach will ensure astronauts’ safe landing on the moon and back to their space station. 

Squyres, who has only been with the company for a year, is well-versed in robotics landings in outer space. It’s a well-known ambition of Bezos to establish a human settlement on the moon. The end objective of this mission will be to bring this ambition closer. Once the space enterprise succeeds in completing the Blue Origin Moon delivery system, they will be closer to their goal than ever. 

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