Amaero International Wins Contract for Rocket Motors for Gilmour Space Technologies

9th Nov 2020
Amaero International Wins Contract for Rocket Motors for Gilmour Space Technologies

New orders will see Amaero International print components of the Eris rockets’ motors carrying payloads of up to 305 kg into the lower orbit. Furthermore, these Eris rockets can carry payloads weighing 215 kg into sun-synchronous orbits to 500km or to equatorial orbits of 500km carrying payloads of 305kg. 

Gilmour Space Technologies has scheduled the initial launch for 2022, after receiving the motor components. Once this occurs, Amaero International intends to bid for more orders from Gilmour Space Technologies once the two prove capable. 

To top off the orders from Gilmour Space Technologies, Amaero International has further won orders from SMR (Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec). SMR is renowned for its prowess in producing top of the line mirrors and camera tech that employs the latest intelligence capabilities for automotive. 

With this new order from SMR, Amaero International is tasked with producing components in the form of prototypes. After their production, SMR shall use them in a vehicle in Lonsdale, which is where their factory is currently located. 

Why The Company is the Best Choice for Gilmour Space Technologies

Given its expansive knowledge in manufacturing metal additives, it’s no wonder Amaero International managed to land the orders from Gilmour Space Technologies. With other companies like SMR placing more, Amaero is bound to win more after delivering the two motor components. 

Amaero International is a highly sought after company in 3D manufacturing. Their products work by including additives such as metal in their components to reduce the chances of defects. Such tool insertion techniques guarantee its clients top-notch products after implementing different cooling channels in all the designs. Additionally, such a reduction in defects benefits in terms of cost. 

Apart from its orders from Gilmour Space Technologies, the recent ones from SMR are for its latest SUV. After successfully delivering, the 3D manufacturing company foresees a fruitful future full of more contracts after winning bids. 

Moreover, such contracts are bound to get bigger with each satisfying delivery and lead to more extensive commercial bids. Not to mention Amaero International’s facility in El Segundo was recently awarded Aerospace Certification (AS9100).

The certification adds to their already expansive portfolio, which puts them in a better position to win future bids for more lucrative contracts. The company will concentrate on space for Gilmour Space International and expand to automotive with SMR and defense. 

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