Water Signatures on the Moon Spells a Significant Leap for Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Mission

3rd Nov 2020
Water Signatures on the Moon Spells a Significant Leap for Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Mission

The SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) has renewed hopes for water on the moon in a new finding set to propel Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin plans. It comes after significant readings that were obtained showed plenty of water signatures due to the sun’s reflection on the surface. Such a great discovery backs NASA’s ambition for further space exploration. 

In addition to this mission, Blue Origin, a company owned by Jeff Bezos, is also building a lunar lander. It comes in line with his long-held ambition to have a larger influence in outer space for the benefit of humankind. This lander will arrive at the most southern region of the moon. 

Such crucial data assists the ideas of Jeff Bezos for the human settlement on the moon and others more viable. Such permanent settlements are significant and are in line with his ideas for Blue Origin. 

Although such projects are enormous and far off, this discovery is a step in the right direction. SOFIA set out to gather the readings using a Boeing 747SP. This modified jet has been adjusted to fly above the earth and make significant observations. 

How SOFIA’s Readings Came About and What They Mean for Blue Origin

Casey Honniball was in charge of a team that had the chance to analyze the data collected. The analysis detected a signature only available in water molecules. It’s far from the thought of only hydrated minerals populating the surface of the moon. 

The moon’s southern region is now the critical focus after noting that these signatures are in abundance in this area. It offers conclusive evidence that there’s a significant water concentration underneath the moon’s surface. 

However, the team was quick to stress that water on the surface isn’t everywhere. It’s only in small areas though they’re significantly more extensive than scientists had previously  presumed. 

Still, such water deposits are good news for the Blue Origin mission by Jeff Bezos as it seeks to establish human settlements on the surface. Where there’s water, life can exist. However, extracting the water will be another hurdle to cross altogether. 

This task is set for NASA’s VIPER Rover, which will be launching in 2023. It’ll seek to extract the water that’s trapped under the lunar poles. If successful in this mission, it provides hope for projects like Blue Origin and backs up Jeff Bezos idea for habitable moon settlements.

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