German Industries Proposal for North Sea ISAR Aerospace Launching Site is Gaining Momentum

29th Oct 2020
German Industries Proposal for North Sea ISAR Aerospace Launching Site is Gaining Momentum

The concept of small launch ports is one that Germany is embracing in a bid to leave their footprint in space. Hence, the ISAR Aerospace launch site is critical as they work out how to launch national security payloads into space. 

Even though the idea originated from the private sector, it’s quickly picked up steam across the country. 

Similarly, across Europe, many countries are busy developing their micro launch spaceports. This is because similar ISAR Aerospace ports have significant commercial interests as industries can access them without incurring huge costs. Also, they don’t require years to set up and can be utilized even on short notice. 

Apart from commercial interests, there’s also a political motivation to build this ISAR Aerospace project. In a bid to increase its footprint on the matter, NATO specified space as a domain for operations. With that declaration, a centre of excellence must be set up in Europe as soon as possible. 

NATO’s Participation Motivating Germany’s Launch Site

The centre will serve the rest of Europe, and currently, the tie is between Germany and France. The different lobbying groups backing the idea are advocating for government participation. With the backing of the National government, the centre can be built in Germany. 

Furthermore, they argue that Berlin could offer spaceport services to other countries with a launch site. With that in mind, all European Union members would be able to rest easy, knowing they have better defence mechanisms in place. 

Currently, there are 3 German firms with promising prospects of building the ISAR Aerospace launch site. They’re bidding to win $29 million set aside by the German government in hopes of replicating the SpaceX concept by Elon Musk. The idea behind it is making the concept commercially viable and not leaving all space exploration efforts to the government. 

Germany’s Use of ISAR Aerospace for National Security

Additionally, the commercial sector in Germany hopes this new concept will catch the interest of the general population. If they can adopt the small launching pads concept, the same can pave the way to applications to the Defence Ministry. 

There’s yet to be a public discussion on this concept since these are unchartered waters marred with twists and turns. For example, the use of high-tech military weapons and drones could lead to the militarization of space. Many people still find this possibility frightening, and there’s a definite need to work out all the issues surrounding the matter. 

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