Rocket Factory Augsburg Ready for a Hot Fire Test in Esrange

27th Oct 2020
Rocket Factory Augsburg Ready for a Hot Fire Test in Esrange

The RFA ONE launch vehicle signifies a remarkable achievement in the industry with their upcoming launch later in the year. This is because it’s a first in terms of commercial space vehicles that utilize staged combustion. It can also carry a payload of 1350kg and has a small launcher that operates in two stages. 

Furthermore, this is an improved engine design with high-performance capabilities and production techniques that are relatively low cost. This does equip the team with the capacity to launch many constellations due to better payload capacities. The test site is situated north of Sweden, where the ESC (Esrange Space Centre) is located. 

The Esrange area, Sweden set to Host the 1st RFA Hot Fire Test

The test site for this mission was specially chosen for its significance. For one, it’s home to the Esrange Space Centre and is under the NEAT (North European Test Range) area. The initiative is a product of the SSC (Swedish Space Corporation) and the SDMA (Swedish Defense Materiel Administration). 

For this fact, the Rocket Factory Augsburg is grateful to the SSC and other partners who came together in order to enable them to complete this significant project. It’s their goal to embark on a maiden flight in 2022. RFA remains an industry leader due to their  innovative capabilities, as proven by the upcoming Hot Fire Test. 

Rocket Factory Augsburg Achievements in Combustion Engine Technology

RFA remains an industry leader in engine technology in terms of combustion. For example, they recently emerged winner of the German competition on Micro-launchers held by the DLR (German Space Agency). The win came with a hefty price for the startup, who have received a support letter of €500,000 funding. 

All in all, the company’s mission remains the provision of accessible transportation to space and providing end to end solutions. In turn, this will equip industries with the ability to accomplish payloads launched by the Rocket Factory Augsburg craft. This means they shall hopefully be able to successfully launch customer’s payloads into orbit, meeting specified timelines flexibly and sustainably.

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