Queensland To Become Home for The Second Spaceport by Gilmour Space Technologies

12th Oct 2020
Queensland To Become Home for The Second Spaceport by Gilmour Space Technologies

The CosmoVision Global Corporation is awaiting the green light to start construction on a technology park in the first quarter of next year, with the site already established in Cape York.

Function of the spaceport

The spaceport will have the capability to facilitate the launch of colossal rockets surpassing 400 tonnes. These same machines will be powered by non-toxic fuel, harmless to the environment. After all the mandatory requirements are met, they will get the license to launch the Queensland project. The devices to be launched from the site are to be used for commercial telecommunication purposes .

The only thing left to obtain is a license for the commencement of the setup and operation of the facility. Gilmour Space Technologies is also playing  a big part of this project.

These approvals are to be inspected by either of the following: the state government, the federal or indigenous groups. If the site evaluation passes all the environmental screenings, they’ll get the approval to go ahead with the project.

What has been approved?

Even as Gilmour Space Technologies await the approval of the license, they already have one secured. They have the international launch vehicles go-ahead with enough funding backed up by different grantors from all over the world.

However, this project is not the only proposal on the table. There is yet another plan for a rocket launch site to be constructed at the centre of Bowen and is set to commence after October’s elections. This project has a $15 million cash budget already established and in place.

The government will own these sites, but Gilmour Space Technologies will run all the operations. Gilmour Space Technologies personnel have all the technical know-how to handle such facilities; hence making them the best fit for the part.

Gilmour Space Technologies already have agreements with several clients who might, in the future, launch their rockets from Australian soil. Just a few weeks back, in the middle of September, Australia had a successful commercial rocket lifting off from the South of the country. The craft was 3.4 metres long.

So far, the federal-state government has pledged $7 billion to help the country’s space industry in the next ten years.

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