UK Space Agency Launch Two Nanosatellites Into Space

3rd Oct 2020
UK Space Agency Launch Two Nanosatellites Into Space

A partnership between the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency has seen the development of two small satellites. The nanosatellites were designed and built by global data and analytics company, Spire Global UK.

The UK Space Agency donated close to £6 million towards the venture. Each satellite is fitted with technology that will help keep track of maritime movements from Earth’s lower orbit.

The UK government pledges to continue supporting further endeavors for space exploration. They believe that in the future, via the construction of spaceports, the UK can facilitate probe launches into space.

What the Small Satellites Will Do

According to the UK Space Agency, each of the satellites is a supercomputer. They have built-in AI and machine learning capabilities, disseminated via the use of complex algorithms.

In the past decade, efforts have been applied to design and manufacture smaller satellites and even UK science minister, Amanda Solloway, recognizes this highly popular trend used by space agencies all over the world. Thus the UK Space Agency’s investment in the enterprise.

What the Small Satellites Will Do
The nanosatellites were designed and manufactured by Spire Global UK

The devices have passed rigorous testing by Spire Global UK’s leading engineers, to guarantee their efficiency. Once in orbit, the shoe-box-sized apparatus will record and provide highly concise data regarding ocean freight activity.

The relevant authorities will be able to receive precise predictions about the location of ships and boats. It will allow businesses and managers to manage schedules on ports and docks more effectively.

What the Mission Will Entail

The launch was scheduled to occur in Russia from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, where both small satellites were carried aboard a Soyuz launcher. The launch was on 28 September 12.20 pm, UK time.

The highly robust nanosatellites will now observe planet earth. Information will be received at monitoring and control centres and then shared with the relevant maritime officials. It should ease some of the pressure faced on ports and docks all over the country.

After the successful launch of the satellites through the UK Space Agency’s efforts, the UK government is planning on sponsoring the construction of multiple launch pads across the country.

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