Blue Origin In Partnership With Three More Space Companies Finish The First Phase Of Historical Future Moon Missions

21st Sep 2020
Blue Origin's Moon Lander

A reliable team of four giant Space companies has been chosen to set sail on one of the most anticipated genesis of numerous space missions. The group consists of Draper, Northrop Grumman, Blue Origin and Lockheed Martin. They will build the Blue Origin’s lunar lander to carry astronauts to the moon and bring them back to earth.

Reason for the Nationwide Collaboration

The group is working hand in hand with the Blue Origin engineers to construct an HLS (Human Landing System), which will be used in upcoming lunar trips. This contract was handed out by NASA.

The plan is to get everything ready and set for the first trip to the moon in 2024. The gear will not only take astronauts to the moon but get them back to earth safely. They have completed the first step which involves confirming everything, such as the plans, requirements, and gear. This also includes a detailed report on all space and ground vehicles to be utilized in these missions.

What the Initial Step Consists of

As already mentioned, this phase was the initial planning and gathering of all materials needed for the project. The checklist had numerous requirements that have all been sorted out and the Blue Origin’s lunar lander mission has now commenced.

The following stage is where the actual work begins, working with the designing and building of the Blue Origin’s lunar lander.

Jeff Bezos, Founder of Blue Origin
Jeff Bezos, Founder of Blue Origin

The Blueprint of the Project

Blue Origin and the other three companies won’t be starting from scratch but they will be improving on a previous landing gear system designed previously from the likes of Orion. The Blue Origin’s lunar lander will take NASA’s team of astronauts to the moon from earth through the Artemis project. Lockheed Martin was part of the organization that established Artemis.

The reusable Orion spacecraft steers forward the mission, something that would have lasted longer was it not for the past materials available. The company developed a decent element; the ascent was a product of Lockheed Martin, and the orbital transfer element comes from Northrop. Each comes together to form the Blue Origin’s lunar lander.

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