Could UK Space Agency and Virgin Galactic Help Britain Reap Big in Space Tourism after Brexit?

19th Sep 2020

Virgin Galactic, a subsidiary of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, is scouting out rural areas in the UK as prospective locations where the company can start space tourism projects. The project will give UK citizens and any other person the chance to tour space. According to David Morris, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Space Committee, the project has several advantages.

Why Does Virgin Galactic Prefer Rural England?

One of the reasons that make the rural areas, especially those in the southwest of England, ideal for celestial tourism centres, is their geographical location. Mr. Morris said that Virgin Galactic wants to set up the interstellar tourism projects in this area because from here, it is much easier for a person to see everything from the northernmost point of the earth to the equator once you are up in space. Another factor that makes the southwest a popular spot to set up the space travel project is the favourable weather conditions. 

UK Space Agency Has the Proper Systems Already in Place

Mr. Morris reiterated that the agency is not only interested in sending satellites to orbit. The agency is also very keen on promoting space tourism, which will be very beneficial for the country, especially after Brexit. He continued that the government, through the agency, also has additional applications that they can implement to make the dream of space tourism come true. 

He said that the agency has been at the forefront of developing programs that enable it to launch satellites. Therefore, he said that the introduction of space travel should not be much of a challenge for the agency because they have the right systems in place. 

Mr. Morris added that it would be prudent in his view if the country were to have a Space Minister. He continued to add that the Minister would be very influential in making sure that all UK Space Agency undertakings are well coordinated. He said that the Minister would also be essential in steering the agency towards achieving its goals.

Mr. David Morris also insisted that if the UK is to reap big in space travel, it must further develop its interstellar industry. He continued to state that the astronomical sector is a high tech industry. As such, most of the jobs at the agency are high-quality jobs. According to him, further development of the interstellar sector is crucial to ensure that the agency maximizes space travel’s full potential.

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