The First Space Orbital Analyst Centre Opens in the UK thanks to UK Space Agency funding

12th Sep 2020

A company has opened the first and only space Orbital Analyst Centre in Durham, UK. Northern Space and Security Ltd has been able to accomplish the opening due to the support of an organization known as Business Durham.  

The enterprise received support from the North East Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence. The Centre is located at NETPark, Sedgefield. The organization provides networking and funding. Additionally, the NORSS Orbital Analyst Hive (NOAH), founded at Akeley Heads Business Centre, is at the forefront of identifying, monitoring, and tracking space objects.

NORSS Thanks the UK Space Agency for Funding

The founder of NORSS, Ralph Disney, said that his company was very grateful to Business Durham for the continued support during the last few years. He further stated that they received the money from the UK Space Agency through the Centre. The money has helped NORSS grow and become what it is today. Disney continued to state that NORSS has expanded and opened more offices across the country. It has also employed more staff.  He also added that the support and advice from the Centre have been critical in the company’s positive growth. 

Disney said that they are excited to open the Orbital Analyst centre in the UK. According to him, the company is more than happy to collaborate with the UK Space Agency on technical support. The company would continue to provide information to the UK Space Agency on tracking and identifying astronomical objects.

Further Expansion

NORSS will continue to expand its workforce, especially on the Data analysis front. The CEO stated that they are in talks with an expert whom the company will employ to help them analyse the collected data. He also said that they will support the young professional’s career as they continue to grow.  

According to Sarah Slaven, interim Managing Director of Business Durham, the opening of NORSS is a testament to the country’s continued effort to become a world leader in astronomical matters. Thanks to the UK Space Agency’s funding, more and more companies are starting to take a keen interest in space.  

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