Virgin Orbit Welcomes new Chief Pilot Eric Bippert onboard

7th Sep 2020
Virgin Orbit Welcomes new Chief Pilot Eric Bippert onboard

Chief Pilot Eric Bippert has recently become the newest addition to the Virgin Orbit family.

Pilot Bibbert will soon be heading all of the Cosmic Girl operations run by Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Group – the parent company of Virgin Orbit. He will be taking the mantle from Kelly Latimer, who will be stepping out of the prestigious role.

Kelly Latimer portfolio

Kelly Latimer was a significant part of the early testing programs with Todd Ericson by her side. She helped transform the Cosmic Girl to what it is today – a carrier craft. 

In May 2020, she was the leading role in the launch demo that Virgin Orbit claim as a success.

As head of the Virgin orbit team, she has also flown Eve, the company’s Galactic’s mothership VMS. 

How will Eric Bippert cope with his new role?

The Virgin Orbit corps pilots will be glad to have Eric as part of the team because he is an exceptional pilot, by merit and performance. 

Despite Eric stepping up, Kelly will still control the Cosmic Girl on its second upcoming launch demo. 

Kelly is confident that Eric can handle the job very well as she has personally seen his work ethic. Eric has prior experience of flying forty-nine different kinds of aircraft, and his last bits of training are in the completion stages. 

All in all, the team is glad to have him lead them!

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