Skyrora get into hot water over recent Shetland launch

7th Sep 2020
Skyrora get into hot water over recent Shetland launch

Edinburgh-based Skyrora officials are in the hot seat as there is a claim that the last rocket launch was unlawful. This claim was included in a report stating that neither the local authorities nor the Shetland Island Council harbour master knew about the UK rockets launch. 

The Council harbour officials only knew about the Skyrora rocket launch after seeing it on video, a few days later, alleging that there was no notice received. Both the Sollom Voe Terminal and the Council claim they had no idea about the eventful lift off.

Another official stated that the current Skyrora projects are not UK government regulated. It includes UK rockets’ lift offs and testing.

Skyrora’s response

Kate Miller, one of the company’s project managers, commented on the issue and said that the space company had sent out a letter addressed to the harbourmaster. This letter was dated June 22nd. The note read that since the rocket lift off would be managed within the facility’s perimeter walls, therefore, the port was unnecessary.

The launch trajectory plus the type of vehicle being sent could not cause any disturbance to the port or any area outside the peninsula.

The letter apparently never got a response.

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