The Sutherland Spaceport Request for Land Rights from the Scottish Courts

5th Sep 2020
The Sutherland Spaceport Request for Land Rights from the Scottish Courts

The Sutherland spaceport project is now seeking permission from the Scottish Land Courts to kickstart the building of the vertical small satellite launchpad. Under the Highlands and Islands Enterprise, the planning consent gained will give the go-ahead for the project to develop and eventually, the green light to decommission the Space Hub Sunderland located at the A’Mhoine peninsula.

The small satellite launches are aimed at facilitating the sending of satellites that will help with earth, climatic, and weather observation. The launchpad will bring forth at least 40 well-paying jobs locally and create a base for learning.

Why Do They Need Permission?

The vertical Sunderland spaceport project requires permission since the lift off site is a rented piece of land owned by Melness Crofters Estate. It is currently used for common grazing and requires approval for a change of use.

What Has Already Been Achieved?

So far, the Sunderland spaceport project plans have been approved by the Highland Council. These permits allow the Sunderland spaceport to undertake up to twelve launches every year.

The construction plan includes a well-designed control centre, several assembly sections, roadways, launch pads, communication buildings, and offices.

What Happens to the residents?

The farmers who currently reside near the proposed Sunderland spaceport will be compensated for their troubles. They might have to move their animals several days before each launch, and the local grazing committees will manage the logistics of that.

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